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Storm Catcher       

Diamond Screen Force 12 Storm Panel

     You are about to learn of five innovative Hurricane Protection products that are sweeping the market! We, at Hurricane Protection Specialists, Orlando, Florida, are proud to present them.

     The "Armor Panel" is a Translucent type of material with "Kevlar" embedded into the borders between the grommets, and will permit light to enter a covered area.

     The "Storm Catcher", "Diamond Screen" and "Force 12" products you can see through, and because they are made of a polypropylene material they are extremely strong.

     We now have a NEW style hurricane panel that remains in position over your window or door when not in use. It has a "Hood / Flap" that covers the panel when its rolled up. We have different colors to choose from and it eliminates any storage problems, plus the deployment time is cut in half. Currently this is type is the most requested especially by the elderly. Call for more information.




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     All four of the hurricane Panels are of equal strength when installed as per the Florida Building Code. All have been tested and passed the Florida Building Code, International Building Code, Texas Insurance Codes, and Miami-Dade Protocols.

     We have dedicated a page to each product for your perusal. Call us if you have a question or would like an estimate. If you are willing to measure the width and height of your openings yourself we can give you an estimate in minutes. If you can handle a drill, you can install these protective covers yourself, thereby saving money. They are simple to install. Feel free to send us some digital pictures along with the measurements. Questions? Call 407-568-3868.

     The turnaround time for ordering will vary slightly with each product. Average waiting time is 2 to 4 weeks, so plan ahead; because if a hurricane is fast approaching, we can only manufacture so many. Most companies have two crews working two different shifts during the busy periods.

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